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2024 Wall Color Trends

Moving into a new house this year made me realize just how much paint color trends have changed over time. My home was rockin’ some serious 80’s and 90’s paint vibes with each room a drastically different color and a bold mix of intense, somewhat unnatural shades. It got me thinking, where are we headed now? Well, I’ve rounded up some of the current home decor movements and have some thoughts. Check out this list of 2024 Wall Color Trends to help make your home decisions.

entryway with white walls, table, and metal railing
all white walls

1. Downplay the Gray 

Everything swings like a pendulum. For awhile, every room wall was a different bold color. Then things gracefully moved into the era of all gray walls and white trim. 

It’s still a good look and one most home remodelers lean to. But maybe after too many people getting surprised by unexpected icy blue grays or bored with the sameness, the whole home gray era is shifting. 

I still like a good gray room, but I recommend using a neutral gray (not too much blue or red/pink undertones) to keep it fresh and modern.

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Download whole home paint color schemes

2. White Throughout

I’m fully on this all white wall color trend party bus. You might remember, I remodeled a home and painted it all white back in 2019. My love for Chantilly Lace still goes strong. 

Pulling off white can feel risky. I love a good neutral white (see my favorites below) that feels fresh and clean.  I see others leaning in this direction over creamier, warmer whites – which might feel cozy but can also feel a little less modern. 

So if you’re wondering, can you paint walls all one color? Yes, yes, you can.

organic modern paint colors in hallway

3. Organic Modern Colors

Another one of the 2024 wall color trends is opting for more organic modern colors. This includes a good mix of dark and light while also embracing nature. So think deep blacks, contrasting whites, earthy greens, and natural blues. 

Both Sherwin Williams (Upward) and Benjamin Moore (Nova) selected very blue shades for the 2024 Color of the Year.  I see these blues as more of small room colors, cabinets, or as an accent wall.

Wondering how to add these in? Read How to Choose Accent Walls for tips and ideas.

black wall for 2024 wall color trend

4. Black Walls

As a card carrying member of the black paint fan club, you know I’m happy to have this one here. I absolutely cannot resist painting a wall black and glad that so many others love it too! 

I absolutely see this as an interior wall color trend and when mixed with the other elements, can completely transform a space. The trick is using a true, neutral black. I’ve outlined many of my favorites in Neutral Paint Colors for Any Home.

5. Contrasting Colors

Speaking of other elements, contrast itself is an overarching wall color theme for this year. Whether it’s white walls with a good black accent wall (my fave) or focusing on darker cabinets and doors, contrast really goes a long way.

Looking for more ways to add this design element to your home? Check out How to Add Contrast in Your Home for more ideas to take your home styling to the next level.

Hopefully, these ideas make it easier to update your home. While I always hesitate to jump on any “trend” it is nice to see the direction ideas are headed. I’m loving the more modern, authentic approach to 2024 wall color trends.

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