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3 Simple Holiday Table Decor Ideas

In this wild and unpredictable year (pandemic, wildfires, and yes, a divorce), I’ve set my intention on cherishing every celebration, even if it’s much more simple. Christmas dinner is a family tradition for our little family, so to keep that feeling going, I’m creating a cozy table space. Given that we’d been eating from an old plastic card table (which served us well!), I’m so grateful that All Modern sponsored this post so I can share some of my easy holiday table decor ideas with you!

natural & rustic holiday table decor

Holiday Table Decor Ideas:

First off, the foundation – if you follow along with me over on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that this new dining table really transformed our remodeled dining room space.

(exact table sold out but this table is similar and so pretty!). I chose a classic table that would accommodate not only our dinners for three but also puzzles, school work, and the weekend game night.

wood dining room table
New dining room table from All Modern

The warm wood creates the perfect base for a cozy holiday gathering, I think. From there, I started layering using these 3 holiday table decor ideas:

1. Use What You Have

If you know me well, you probably know I am not a big fan of buying a lot of items with each season. I saved these glass yogurt jars from the spring and used them as votives for some cozy vibes.

The basic black & white runner can be used year round and feels classy & festive with everything else, don’t you think?

holiday table decor with natural elements

2. Look for Natural Elements

Of course I looked outside for inspiration! We’re pretty lucky with all the greenery here on our property but these petite pinecones are easy to come by. For each napkin setting, I included a sprig of rosemary from our shrub (there are so many rosemary plants in the stores this time of year too!) because the smell totally feels like winter.

napkins tied with jute string and a sprig of rosemary

3. Add Layers of Texture

Texture is pretty much my magic pixie dust for any space (shhh….) but it definitely adds something extra for holiday table decor. Not only does the table feature some amazing rustic wood texture, the woven placemats, linen napkins, jute string ties, and spiky pinecones keep the table decor from feeling flat.

simple holiday table decorations

If you’re also looking for tables, the one I selected is currently out of stock, but this mid century modern table was next on my list!

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