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Our Dining Room Remodel

Hey friends, we’re making progress here! Our dining room is finally taking shape. It’s still a bit of a blank slate but the major pieces are complete and I’m so thrilled with the final result. Just like any home renovation, we’ve had ups and downs and mistakes and extra costs and unforeseen issues but when I take a look at where this room was 3 months ago, I’m so proud of our accomplishment with this dining room remodel!

remodeled dining room with hardwood floors, curtains, large table, and wishbone chairs,
Our new dining room space

Just like our living room, I focused on bringing the light in and really hoped for a light and bright roomy space.

outdated dining room before remodel
beige, maroon, carpet, and walls were the theme here

Here it is the day we took possession of the house back in April. These beams and pony walls were our biggest hurdle. They boxed out the room and made it feel dark, cramped, and dated. Going through the process to remove these was daunting but definitely worth it!

pocket door between dining room before remodel
little pocket door waiting to be put out of its misery 🙂


  • Removed old carpet
  • Removed pony walls, beams, and posts
  • Replaced with recessed load bearing beams
  • Removed kitchen wall and pocket door
  • Installed white oak wide-plank floors
  • Replaced trim and floorboards
  • Repaired drywall & the ceiling texture
  • Replaced light fixture
  • Painted walls, ceiling, and trim
remodeled dining room
Let the light shine in!

Dining Room Remodel Resources

Previously, there was a (maroon!) wall closing off the kitchen complete with a little pocket door. Priority number one was tearing this all down

remodeled dining room

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