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Reveal: Primary Bedroom Refresh

After focusing much of our efforts (and money!) on the main level remodel, we weren’t quite ready to fully transform the other rooms yet. But, in all honesty, the master bedroom was really depressing me. It was sad, drab, and uninviting. So, although I’d love to rip out those carpets and update the trim, I opted for a quick, easy bedroom refresh to make the space shine right now!

boho  bedroom refresh

BEFORE: Here’s the bedroom space when we purchased our home last spring:

bedroom before
Here’s what we were working with when we moved in. I know. Ew.

Just like a few other rooms in this house, the bedroom is a little awkward. It’s asymmetrical and the focus is on the view, but not as much about the function. This presented some design challenges!

bedroom progress pic
Along with the rest of the house, we painted it a fresh white, Chantilly Lace. But, it was still pretty sad in here. Although, Pete looks pretty happy.

Wall Paint

I started off by painting the entire room Chantilly Lace, just like the rest of the house. I love this neutral white color.

Then, instead of a full accent wall, I painted half the wall a dark, rich black – Iron Ore. This is the same color I used in the Office Nook .

This helped give the space some definition and also helped provide a a faux headboard (the search has been on for one to fit under this window).

modern boho bedroom refresh


I also changed up our bedding. Cozy Earth gifted their bamboo bedding bundle which is the softest fabric I’ve ever felt! The bedding arrived in beautiful, reusable canvas bag for storing. It added so much texture and luxury to our bedroom refresh!

(I later updated the bed with this memory foam mattress – game changer!

bedroom with boho details including textured blanket, tassel pillow, woven curtains

Window Treatments

To also address the weird window, I used these Crossweave Curtains (my favorite curtains EVER!) which can be pulled to slightly cover more of one side to help it feel more symmetrical.

Later, I added my favorite woven wood shades (not seen here), which I use in almost every room for texture.

cage pendant light
Cage Pendant Light from Hangout Lighting


One of my favorite aspects of our bedroom refresh is this new pendant light from Hangout Lighting. Their website makes it easy to customize each part of the light. I added the brass base to add a bit of warmth.

Hangout Lighting generously gifted this pendant light for my bedroom project. It is such a wonderful light, I would definitely order from them for any other project!

master bedroom refresh

Wall Shelf

Then, I added a small shelf to balance the asymmetrical wall. This makes it easy to switch up art and decor.

For this wall shelf, I used a small 24″ long piece of wood and basic L brackets in black.

small bedroom decor

Bedroom Refresh Sources

Overall, I chose pieces that would give us the biggest bang for our buck and solved a design challenge. The big moroccan rug covers the sad carpet while the tassel lumbar pillow makes an impact and adds texture to a flat space.

I chose woven wood shades for privacy and to soften the harsh window and add even more texture. Check out my guide on choosing Woven Wood Shades for more details.

boho bedroom with textured pillows and and bed

Natural wood nightstands also add warmth and contrast against the black wall and white bed.

This room is far from perfect and still so much room for improvement, but I absolutely love our bedroom refresh. It now feels cozy and warm! If you’re stuck getting started in your space, check out my post on How to Decorate a Room From Start to Finish for a complete step by step guide to redecorating a room.

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