7 Above the Sink Kitchen Lights and Simple Tip for Changing Can Lights

As part of my ongoing (never ending?) kitchen update, I recently upgrade the light above the sink. Changing out lights is one of my favorite easy upgrades that have a big impact in any space. As part of this remodel, I knew I wanted something simple, black, and modern to keep with the minimalist vibes. There were so many kitchen lighting options, I rounded up 7 of my favorite lights here! And because there was a boring can light here before, read below to see how I easily swapped that out and changed the whole look of this kitchen space.

kitchen light above sink
New pendant light!

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outdated kitchen with oak cabinets
Reminder of this space before! Notice the boring can light that doesn’t really do much for this wide area

Above the Sink Kitchen Lights

black and white kitchen pendant light

I chose this kitchen pendant light because I wanted something that would break up some of this wide space. I also went for matte black because I really like contrast against the woven wood shades and white tile.

These woven wood shades are some of my favorite and the same ones I used in my last home. I created an entire post on the Best Woven Wood Shades with more details.

above the sink kitchen lights
  1. Dome Shade Pendant Light
  2. Flush Mount Ball Light Fixture
  3. Small Flush Mount Light
  4. Black Pendant Light with Glass Shade (I chose this one!)
  5. Modern Metal Shade Pendant Light
  6. Black Flush Mount Cone Light
  7. Flush Mount Bell Light

Tip for Changing Out Can Lights

recessed light converter kit

Because there was a can light here, it was not a simple swap for installing a new light. I would’ve needed an electrician to replace the fixture box and do some drywall repair. Instead, I opted for a Recessed Light Converter Kit. This made it incredibly easy as it covers the existing hole and uses the same wiring.

Of course, I would’ve preferred the clean look of the light fixture, but this was an inexpensive solution! It comes in white so I spray painted it with matte black paint before installation.

recessed light converter kit painted black
Larger ring is part of the Recessed Light Converter Kit

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