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The Basics of Minimalist Interior Design Style

What do you think of when you hear minimal interiors? You might think of a space that is uncluttered but also boring, impersonal, and sparse. Sure, that could happen. But minimal design is so much more! Keeping a few key things in mind, it can be really calming and lovely. Minimalist interior design is all about keeping things simple and fresh. Let’s break it down into the key elements that make it work.

minimal bedroom with artwork, bed, and lamp

What is Minimalist Interior Design?

Minimalist Interior Design celebrates clean lines, neutral colors, simple finishes, and natural light. This style creates an emphasis on function and simple beauty.

By minimizing distractions, like clutter and unnecessary furniture, it can create very soothing spaces. Summarized by a less is more approach, minimalism highlights the beauty of each piece.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
– William Morris

HGTV dives into the full design history of the less is more approach for those who love trivia!

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minimalist modern kitchen with white, wood, and black elements

Minimalist Design Elements:

1. Neutral Colors:

Minimalist spaces often start with neutral colors like whites, grays, and blacks. These colors help create a calm and open feel, letting other things in the room stand out.

Check out my Neutral Paint Colors post for my go to sources on the best white paint and favorite black and gray colors.

2. Streamlined Furniture:

The furniture in minimal design is straightforward. It has clean lines and no fancy frills. It’s there to be useful and look good without being flashy.

Think simple and sleek lines without a lot of curls, decorations, trim etc. Choosing minimal furniture makes one of the biggest impacts in the space – usually create better flow, easy on the eye, and incorporates well into most spaces. Check out my Minimal Console Table List and favorite Low Profile Accent Chairs to get started.

bookshelf with minimal decor

3. Reduced Decorations:

In minimal spaces, you won’t see lots of decorations. Instead, you might have a few carefully chosen items, like a nice painting or a stylish vase. These items add character without being overwhelming.

You might notice this element in my shelf styling. I’ve created a master curated list of Minimal Shelf Decor along with a guide on How to Style Shelves that look uncluttered.

modern neutral living room with round coffee table, gray sofa, and leather chairs

4. Open Layout:

Minimal design loves open spaces. Furniture is arranged to make it easy to move around and see everything. It makes the room feel big and peaceful, no tripping or climbing here.

And ps. you do not need a big house or open concept house to pull this off. By choosing streamlined furniture (see above) and only choosing pieces you need, the space will feel more open.

modern black and white bathroom with subway tile backsplash, floating vanity, and wood elements

5. Natural Elements:

In minimal spaces, you’ll often find natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. They add texture and warmth and make the place feel connected to nature.

I’d say this element has had one of the biggest impacts on the spaces I design. It brings the focus on the simple beauty of nature, which is automatically soothing.

my favorite amazon minimalist decor

6. Lots of Light:

Minimalist interior design really likes natural light. Big windows without heavy curtains let the sunlight in and make the room feel fresh and lively.

7. Smart Storage:

To keep things tidy, minimal rooms often have clever storage solutions. You might have hidden cabinets or built-in shelves to hide stuff away.

We all probably need some help in this area, so check out the Woven Baskets I use in my home along with How to Organize a Home in 5 Easy Steps.

home decor styling with books, artwork, and vase

8. Simple Accessories:

Accessories in minimal design are simple too. It’s about having a few high-quality things instead of lots of clutter. Simple textiles and plain fixtures add to the minimalist look.

I’ve rounded up my favorite Shelf Decor Ideas that work well with minimalist interior design and make shelf styling simple.

Minimalist Home Decor Finds

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite amazon minimalist home decor finds to help you easily include this style. Use elements and pieces you like to decorate your living room space with minimal style.

minimalist decor find from amazon including a couch, rug, lamp, cabinet, accent chair
  1. Minimal Gray Couch
  2. Linen Throw Pillows
  3. Minimalist Art Print Set
  4. Black and Neutral Striped Area Rug
  5. Modern Accent Chair Set of 2
  6. Tripod Floor Lamp
  7. Minimalist Ceramic Vase Set
  8. Black Marble Round Coffee Table
  9. Wood Plant Stand
  10. Black Storage Cabinet

In summary, minimalist interior design is all about simplicity, functionality, and good looks. By using neutral colors, clean lines, and open spaces, you can create a peaceful and stylish place to call home. Whether you’re redoing a room or your whole house, these basics will help you get that minimalistic vibe that’s both relaxed and cool.

Wondering how to put it all together? Check out my step by step guide How to Decorate a Room From Start to Finish.

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." - william morris quote