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Benefits of Neutral Home Decor

Would you believe that at one time there was a bright orange wall in my house? Or that I once painted a photo frame teal? What about those yellow and gray pillows that once landed on my couch? It’s true. These things happened. But, then, something else happened. I fell in love with neutrals. Here, I’m sharing some of the benefits of neutral home decor and how it changed my life. 

neutral bedroom with bed and large area rug
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As controversial as pineapple on pizza, some folks wonder how I can live in a space without a color. My response: white is absolutely a color. And so is black. And wood and plants. So stay with me here. 

Sense of Calm

I’m certainly not alone in noticing that a neutral color palette encourages a sense of calm. For me, it was nearly immediate. 

Beyond the neutral colors themselves, there was less fuss over whether colors matched, looked good together, and wrangling those pesky undertones. 

And if we go one step further, neutral home decor lets you feel your feelings. Feeling sad, walking into a bright, sunny yellow room might just feel annoying. 

As someone with diagnosed anxiety and PTSD, it’s important to me to find calm where I can. I know a lot of folks can relate to this but we often overlook how home plays a role.

Easy Changes

Neutral home decor also makes it easy to change things up. If you’re thinking about mixing up the artwork or adding new pillows, keeping things neutral means you can easily switch things out.  Read: How to Layer Throw Pillows like a Pro.

And if we think about bigger picture home design, neutral decor means we can move things from room to room without having to worry about color choices. 

living room couch with throw pillows and neutral decor

Classic Choices

Speaking of choices, going neutral often means design elements will stand the test of time. I mean, there’s a reason white subway tile is the go to choice for many kitchen updates.  (Though, I do have some suggestions on white backsplash tiles that are not subway). 

I’ve never once regretted painting anything black or starting with my white canvas.  Check out my favorite neutral paint colors to make sure you’re starting with a true neutral base.


Fewer Decisions

Finally, neutral home decor often means fewer overall decisions. We’re not worried about colors clashing or finding things that “matchy.”  (Which by the way, let’s just avoid the concept of matching overall….). 

In my home designs, I want to spend my decision brain power on things like how to improve the function of a space? How can we make it feel more authentic? 

I’d rather spend time and money solving these issues than debating color options. 

benefits of neutral home decor

I always encourage people to style their homes in a way that feels authentic. I also hope this post on the benefits of neutral home decor gives you something to reflect on.

And, if you’re curious to learn more about color theory, this article on the Psychology of Color at Home, is interesting reading. I love thinking about how our home affects our mind.

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