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7 Neutral Home Decor Pieces to Make Styling a Breeze

Have you seen the big news that I have sold this house? It’s true! I am currently looking for my next challenge! While it will be sad to leave this beautiful space, I’m excited for a fresh start. When I tackle a space, there are a few elements I always apply: clean lines, fresh paint, natural light, and lots of plants. From there I add in neutral pieces with texture and function. This makes styling a breeze! In anticipation of my next home, I’ve partnered up with Walmart to share some of my favorite neutral home decor items that look good in any space!

neutral home decor finds

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart but the opinions are all mine! My design journey includes sourcing great products and sharing them with you! Sp, naturally, some of my content includes affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and purchase. This commission allows me to write more content and support our family, so thank you!)

Neutral Home Decor Finds

styled dresser with neutral home decor

When I style a space, I really focus on bringing in items that are both functional and provide some sort of design element. These neutral home decor pieces from Walmart Home check several boxes and are super affordable. Since a Walmart is not super close to my area, I purposely selected items that also ship directly!

Read through to learn more about each piece I’ve selected from Walmart Home and how to intentionally incorporate them into each space (and keep an eye out for the new Wow & Now section!)

affordable home decor pieces
  1. Organic Blanket – You will not find a room in my home without a blanket. Not only am I always super cold and searching for cozy, but I love the texture and warmth a blanket brings to a space. This one is especially luxe in a textured organic cotton.
  2. Rattan Basket –  This is what basket dreams are made of right here – large, affordable, and a beautiful shape. Of course I need somewhere to put all those basekt! From a design perpsective, baskets go a long way! They add shape and texture to what can often be flat spaces. 
  3. Black and White Bowls – These are meant for the kitchen but honestly, I love little bowls as a catch all anywhere. Think bathrooms, entryways, and here in my bedroom for jewelry.
  4. Tassel Throw Pillow – Ok, we know everyone loves a good pillow! I’m always on the lookout for one to cozy up with that also adds more texture. This neutral color makes it easy to layer! 
  5. Live Beautiful Home Decor Book – For me, books are key to any room. They offer up inspiration and serve as a great conversation starters. I also use them to add height when styling. This book in particular provides mega home inspiration on each page.   (I also love Gardenista for all the outdoor inspiration!)
  6. Glass Terrarium – I’m always looking for ways to add something natural and a touch of green. These terrariums, filled with moss make it easy to do both!
  7. Ceramic Candle I love candles that not only smell amazing but offer up a pretty vessel as well. This one does it in spades and might just be my new favorite scent
bedroom decor styling

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