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Home Decor Items That Looks Great in ANY Space

You might’ve heard the quote from William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” This sentiment guided me through decluttering our previous home and styling our new one. I focus on decor that I truly love or really need and have found that there are certain pieces I use again and again. Here, I’m sharing my favorite home decor pieces that look great in almost any space AND how I use them.

small bedroom decor ideas

(Part of my design journey includes sourcing great products so naturally, some of my content includes affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This commission supports my allows me to write more content and support my boys, so thank you!)

round up of versatile home decor items
  1. Cream & Black Moroccan Style Rug
  2. Black Porcelain Table Vase
  3. Large Wicker Basket
  4. Acacia Wood Stool
  5. ZZ Plant
  6. Mudcloth Pillow
  7. Wood Tray
  8. Wood Frame
  9. Black and White Woven Blanket

These items create really dynamic spaces and move past some of the Outdated Home Decor Trends we might find ourselves in.

Moroccan Style Tassel Rug

This Moroccan Style Tassel Rug stole my heart for several reasons. First, the neutral, modern design makes it easy to incorporate into various spaces. It’s also super cozy and the tassels add some often, much needed texture.

Wood Picture Frame

Simple Wood Frames have a new place in design heart. They soften up a space when black frames can be too harsh and look great with both colorful or monochromatic art. These ones from Target are both inexpensive and strong.

Black Mud Cloth Pillow

If there was a game called bring one home decor item with you on an island, it might just be Black Mud Cloth Pillows for me!

I am always shuffling them around to enjoy them in different spaces, from our entryway bench to our family room accent chair. Providing contrast and texture, I’m convinced these are needed in any pillow collection.

ZZ Plant

Plants might be an obvious home decor choice for me, I need one (or a dozen) in every single room. But one of my most favorites is the ZZ Plant. Not only is it extremely easy to care for, it does well in various lighting.

It also provides some height so I often use it to “fill” a blank space like next to our TV or the front door.

home office with desk, chair, and home decor

Large Woven Baskets

You don’t need me to tell you the baskets are a beautiful home decor addition to any room. However, the shape and texture of these Seagrass Tote Baskets make them extra versatile.

bright kitchen styling with versatile home decor items

Wood Trays

This wood tray was given to us as a gift last year and I truly can’t remember life before it! I use it all over the house; in the kitchen to gather seasonal items, the living room as a base for plants and a candle, and the dining room as a table centerpiece.

I love how the wood adds warmth (can you tell this is my mission in life?!) and the touch of brass in the handles adds some interest and detail. It’s no longer available but this wood tray is very similar!

Black and White Woven Blankets

Rounding out the list of my favorite home decor items are Black and Ivory Woven Blankets. I think every room in my house has a woven blanket, the boys and I each like to curl up with blankets in the evening. And the woven element adds that bit of texture every room needs!

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  1. Hi Allissa, I recently found your Pinterest information regarding building open shelves for the kitchen. Thank you so much for all that information. I’m still a little nervous and not ready to pull the trigger. So I have one question. How do I know whether or not the shelf will be strong enough to hold significant weight like all my dishes. Plates, bowls, cups.
    Tx! Love all your design ideas.

  2. Allisa Jacobs says:

    Hi Mary, Thank you for your kind words! Well, to answer your question- I used my brother’s Cascade Iron Co. brackets. There are suggestions based on length of the shelf to make sure there is adequate support. I can’t speak for other brackets, but he uses high quality steel and has weight ratings listed for each bracket. There are also install directions with more info on this. I chose the heavy duty option because my shelves are heavy and I wanted to style with my big bowls and vases. Hope this helps!

  3. Cheri Mello says:

    Hello Alissa
    I SAW comment ABOUT Your Head Injuries AND Am SO Sorry!! I’m GLAD You GOT to BE WITH your Kids 👍🏼WHAT A BLESSING!! SAME thing happened TO me!! 3 Brain Surgeries And A Vegas Stimulalor In My Chest. BUT I STILL BELIEVE ITS a BLESSING!! 👍🏼♥️♥️I LOVE YOUR shelf I See In the Background , Does IT COME in Darker Stain? It IS AWESOME 👍🏼♥️and I M TOTALLY eclectic.. LOL Best WIshes AND healing To YOU. G-d ♥️Bless You And Your Family 😊!!

  4. Allisa Jacobs says:

    Hi Cheri, thank you for your kind words & sharing your story. I wish you healing as well! As for the shelf, I make all of my own shelves and use an unfinished white oak. You could stain it though! Best, Allisa