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DIY Christmas Ornaments – Easy Mini Wreaths

Each year, I make the boys a little ornament for Christmas. The idea is that when they leave the house one day, they will have a little collection of handmade ornaments to add to their own trees. We’re on year 11 now and it’s one of our favorite traditions. This year, I made cute little mini wreaths for their DIY Christmas ornaments. It’s such an easy project, I thought I’d share with you!

diy christmas ornaments made with pine stems, wire berries, and bows

UPDATE: Thanks to Pioneer Woman for featuring these on her blog!

Aren’t these ornaments adorable? Not only do they look cute hanging from the tree, but they also are lovely hanging from door handles, cabinets, or on top of a gift for a little something extra.

The best part is they were so easy to make! I used really common supplies (see below) and each mini wreath takes less than 10 minutes to make. I’ve created them in the traditional green and red colors and also a black and white version for more minimalist Christmas decor.

mini wreath DIY Christmas ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments Supplies

how to make mini wreaths for diy christmas ornaments

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Make Mini Wreaths for Christmas Ornaments

  1. Wrap Pine Stems Around Jar Ring

    Gently wrap bendable pine stems (like pipe cleaner) around jar lid ring, repeating stems until ring is fully wrapped

  2. Wrap Wire Berry Stem Around Ring

    Next, just like with the pine stems, wrap one berry stem around ring, arranging berry placement as needed

  3. Attach Bow

    Choosing the best side and location, add a bow. Using about 10″ of the ribbon, either make a separate bow and glue onto wreath or tie a bow around the wreath.

  4. Add Twine Loop

    Finally, using about 8-10″ of twine, loop it through the ring to hang as an ornament.

mini wreath christmas ornaments DIY

Could these be any easier? Or cuter! I already gave them to my boys and they loved them so much, they made their own with the extra supplies!

If you like this idea, please pin to share and save for later! Feeling crafty? Check out these easy Advent Calendar Ideas or my Modern Hoop Wreath Tutorial.

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