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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

Minus the two-pronged nail puncturing my foot, our daylight ranch demolition went pretty well! We’ve got a blank slate now! Now, I’m focused on the guest bathroom design. Since we’re out in the country, I’m loving modern farmhouse bathroom vibes. Black and white with warm wood details. I mean, there is no toilet or sink right now, so I better make some decisions soon! I’ve rounded up some bathroom inspiration to help with the process.

modern bathroom design with black vanity and gold mirrors
Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by JDP Interiors.

First, the vanity. I’ve been really loving black lately.

Many folks questioned my black exterior house decision, but I’m running with that, along with a black bathroom vanity. Going bold and not looking back! 🙂

Depending on flooring, changing a vanity can be an easy update. Many vanities include the counter top and sink making it a somewhat simple swap.


  • When incorporating a style, such as modern farmhouse, choose just 1-2 elements to include. Otherwise, it can feel unnatural.
  • Start by determining what must stay in the space (such as flooring, built ins, features) and go from there
  • Before jumping in, create a design board or pinterest board to gather ideas. Otherwise, you’ll be going in circles with all the options
white farmhouse bathroom

Speaking of flooring -my love for penny tile runs deep. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these tiny little circles arranged in a perfect repeating pattern.

I basically designed our entire powder room around this white penny tile. Oh, the vintage goodness!

farmhouse bathroom design

I love the modern farmhouse bathroom vibes in this space. It’s classic and clean but also warm (can a bathroom feel warm??) – in any case, I love it.

I’m excited to finish up our bathroom and will be sharing the process as well as the before and after photos here! Feeling the modern farmhouse vibes? Check out my Minimal Farmhouse Living Room Essentials.

UPDATE: Check out the finished modern small bathroom remodel!