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Home Remodel Inspiration

It’s been a full month since we’ve closed on our new home and property. It’s wild how much can change in one month – in less than 30 days we’ve started the home remodel process and fully gutted the main level of our new house. We’ve acquired 3 acres and a view. I’ve laughed and cried repeatedly, sometimes simultaneously. It’s easy to get bogged down or even lost in the details but I’m trying to keep my eye on the big picture. To help, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite spaces I look to for inspiration in our new home.

modern white on white kitchen nook

White on White on White

Just like the kitchen space above, I’m looking for a bright white space. I think after years of greige, my brain is really craving crisp neutral white. We’ve opened up rooms and have painted it Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore and will be soon installing white trim and baseboards.

Did I mention the kitchen cabinets will be white? It feels like a nice clean slate for me, though at times if I’m honest, I’m sort of panicking a bit about all that white (can I keep it clean? will it show every mistake?)

gutted kitchen during home remodel
Here, you can see our kitchen space now with a clear view to the dining room, living room, and outdoor deck. I’m hoping the white reflects all that natural light.

Making Do With a Galley Kitchen

home remodel with light and bright galley kitchen

Let’s be honest, the space in our new house is not what kitchen dreams are made of. It’s a little tight, even after we’ve opened up some walls and removed soffits.

I’m hoping every other detail makes up for the fact that it’s still very much a galley. Then I see kitchens like the one above and I think good things might just come in small, galley shaped sizes.

My plan is to channel those white cabinets, light wood floors, and crisp lines to make the most of our itty bitty space. I shared some of my favorite kitchen design elements before and I finally decided on these brass lights for the main area.

Metal Stair Railings

black metal stair railings
Mc Gee & Co.

My love for white + wood + metal runs pretty deep. I was thrilled to find a way to incorporate a metal stair railing into our new space. Even more exciting, my brother (Cascade Iron Co.) and his friend, took on the task of making a custom one for me at a deep discount. Lucky me!

metal stair rail
Our metal stair railing work in progress
modern metal stair rail
slanted metal stair rail

Home Remodel: Black and White Details

black and white living room

During our home remodel, the room above is my living room inspiration. I love how the fireplace here is white with a big bold black center. It adds a bit of modern to an otherwise pretty traditional space. I’m hoping to add that into our living room as well.

living room during home remodel
Here’s the fireplace in the new house – the orange oak just painted white and soon will be painting the center (now pinky tile) a true black. Fingers crossed!

As we head into the week, we’re officially putting the pieces back together – wood floor and window trim next! I’m excited to share all of our home remodel steps with you… along with all the mistakes I’ve made and lessons learned. 🙂

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