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9 Modern Small Ceiling Lights

So the major construction phase of our home remodel is completed. We have just a few medium sized but manageable projects left like replacing the front door, installing open shelving, and plumbing the powder room sink (that’s been a fun hand washing circus with little boys). Now, it’s mostly just choosing the details, which I’m finding to be both really exciting and a little bit stressful. One quick home update I’m working on is replacing light fixtures. I’ve spent hours gathering up my favorite small ceiling lights and thought I’d share them here!

entryway with small ceiling light
Replaced the entry way book light with a more modern round ceiling light

After a lot of searching, I found these 9 small ceiling light contenders. Most are $50 are less, though some are more of a splurge. I think all of them would work well in compact spaces that need a little light.

small ceiling lights
  1. Black Dome Light
  2. Nickel Flush Mount Light
  3. Mixed Metal Little Light
  4. Industrial Ceiling Mount Light Fixture in Brass or Black
  5. Schoolhouse White Dome Light
  6. Small Ceiling Light with Black Base
  7. Vintage Style Light
  8. Clear Round Light
  9. Exposed Bulb Flush Mount Ceiling Light
above the sink kitchen light with white cabinets and white subway tile
Switched out the recessed lighting and updated with a cute little vintage style light above the kitchen sink

What size should your light fixture be?

There are a few rules for light fixtures based on room size. One rule of thumb suggests adding the room length and width then using the total as the light guideline. So a 10 x 12 room would be 10+12 = 22, or 22″ being the largest diameter for a light fixture.

These small ceiling lights are pretty tiny, most under 10″ so these would work well for hallways, corners, above kitchen sinks, small laundry rooms, entryways and other small spaces.

Wondering about replacements for recessed lights? These small ceiling lights might be just the update. Check out my 9 Easy Home Updates All Under $200 for more quick and affordable way to refresh a room.

Curious about which type of light bulbs to use with your small ceiling lights? Check out my post on Warm vs Cool Lighting for a breakdown.