9 Modern and Adorable Ceiling Lights for Small Spaces

So the major construction phase of our home remodel is completed. We have just a few medium sized but manageable projects left like replacing the front door, installing open shelving, and plumbing the powder room sink (that’s been a fun hand washing circus with little boys). Now, it’s mostly just choosing the details, which I’m finding to be both really exciting and a little bit stressful. One detail I’m currently researching like crazy are ceiling lights for the area above our kitchen sink, entry way, and hallway. I’ve spent hours gathering up my favorites and thought I’d share them here, along with some little sneak peeks of our new space.

kitchen remodel

Here’s a teeny tiny sneak peek of our kitchen. I hope to get everything finished up soon so I can finally share the entire space! For the main lights, I chose these Brass Semi-Flush Mounts which were one of several lights I gathered up in my previous Flush Mount Lights post to replace those awful “boob-lights.” Now, I’m looking for much smaller, more petite ceiling lights. I’m hoping for modern, metal, and within our budget.

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favorite ceiling lights

modern ceiling lights for small spaces

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

After a lot of searching, I found these 9 ceiling light contenders. Most are $50 are less, though some are more of a splurge. I think all of them would work well in small spaces that need a little light.

boho living room decor with texture, plants, and warm wood
Pete the cat has settled right in 🙂

Here’s another little snapshot of our family room, hard to believe a few months ago this space was all carpet and maroon paint. This space is nearly complete, but still totally livable and cozy! For this space, I searched high and low for a ceiling fan (check out my complete list of ceiling fan ideas) – and finally settled on one. I’m excited to share it soon!

lady fern for easy living room decor

Here’s a little look at our living room – creating that little reading nook by the window was high priority! This room has so much natural light, it’s one of my favorite spaces. I’ll be sharing more of it soon- stay tuned!