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My Favorite Home Decor Projects From 2020

Nothing like looking back and reflecting before heading into the new year, right? I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2021, but first I wanted to take a minute and review some of my favorite projects and posts in 2020. In a year that surely had more downs than ups, let’s celebrate the wins and take look at my top 5 home decor projects of the year!  

top home decor projects of 2020

Favorite Home Decor Projects of 2020

From gallons of black paints to relaxing outdoor spaces, this year had some of my all time rewarding home projects. Drumroll please!

1. Painted Black Piano

black painted piano DIY home decor projects

Remember when I painted our piano black? This felt like one of the riskiest home decor projects I’ve ever completed (even more so than knocking out a wall!). I mean, what if it failed? How do you even hide a huge piano?

It was also one of the most rewarding. The dark cherry vibes are gone and I daily enjoy the matte black drama it adds to this space. And, it’s just really pretty! 

Want to try it? Here are my painted piano project supplies:

2. Relaxing Patio Update

patio refresh for a relaxing outdoor space

This year was all about making the most of every square inch. With a few key pieces of furniture and a couple of simple DIYs, this updated patio space is one of my favorite to sit back and enjoy. 

Need some patio inspiration? Here are same or similar sources:

3. Budget Bathroom Refresh

budget bathroom update, one of my favorite home decor projects

DIY and home design is a tricky balance of compromise and getting out of your comfort zone. This recent budget bathroom refresh had plenty of both! 

Since a complete remodel was just not in the cards, I compromised by framing the builder grade mirror and swapping out the hardware.  I took a leap of faith by painting the tile floors a deep black – and am so glad I did! 

4. Functional Entryway

functional entryway update

With an open layout, big doors, and a few awkward windows our entryway was a bit of a challenge. It was one of those spaces that looked ok, but just didn’t really work well you know? 

Something just felt off. So, with some careful selections and changes, I created a functional entryway that is a million times more practical for our family. 

5. Boho Bedroom Refresh

boho bedroom style

I kicked off 2020 with this bedroom refresh project that has only gotten better with time! To get it started, I added some interest to this weird, sad room with my favorite black paint (Iron Ore from Sherwin Wiliams). Then I added layers of texture with woven wood shades, curtains, and pillows. 

It’s still a work in progress with all of the life changes over here, so stay tuned for more of this space! 

Some of my favorite sources from this home decor projects:

Look ahead to my favorite 2021 Home Decor Posts!

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  1. Joey Macias says:

    Hello there, your piano thet you painted black is beautiful. May I ask what the make, model, and year are?

    I’m in the market for a piano and I really like the aesthetic appeal of your piano. Thank you.


  2. Allisa Jacobs says:

    Hi Joey,
    Thanks for your message! I don’t know much about this piano as it was thrifted. I do love the simple lines. However, the brand is Mollenhauer & Bach – hope this helps!