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How to Authentically Add Color in Home Decor

I’m a neutral girl at heart. Give me some good white and black paint and I’m all set. However, every now and then I like a bit of color. (Just a teeny, tiny bit).  I know pure neutral styling is hard for some folks but color feels overwhelming too. Well, I’ve got some ideas for you! Here, I’m sharing my favorite ways to authentically add color in home decor. 

hallway with green door, rug, and stools

Ok, so let’s start off with a few things here. First, having a neutral palette is a great way to start. There are lots of benefits to neutral home decor like not having to mess around with existing colors and undertones.

But, if one is so inclined, there are lots of easy ways to bring in color. From rugs to pillows and artwork, these are simple pieces with low commitment (hmm, sounds like a relationship from my 20’s). 

I’ll add some of my favorite items below, but what I really want to cover is how to bring in color so it feels intentional. 

green pillow on bed neutral decor

Look to Outdoor Colors

When you’re looking to bring color to your home decor, look to the outdoors first. Not just the vague concept of nature, but what is actually outside your window! 

If you’re a lucky soul living in the southwest, you’ll find lots of terra cotta, sage, and pale blues. 

A gal like me up in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve got hunter green for miles. Those years I spent in the Bay Area? It was all breezy blues and olive greens. 

You get the idea. Pulling in colors from where you actually live will make it feel more authentic and intentional. 

neutral bedroom home decor with some color on bed, pillows, and rug

Color that Feels Like a Neutral 

As you look for ways to add color to a room, look for colors that act as a neutral. What does this mean? Well, many colors can certainly play the role of a neutral in that their not fighting with themself. For example, we all know a gray that sometimes likes to be purple. Or a cream that is most definitely a yellow. 

There are some lovely colors without strong undertones in one direction that feel really stable. 

I fell in love with Hale Navy because it’s absolutely blue but not in a sweet sugary way, but more of a strong, true, navy. 

Bring in All the Plants

Yes, plants are absolutely a color. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I often joke that my favorite colors are white, black, wood, and plants. 

Think beyond the basics though! There are so many plant varieties and depth of greenery that plants absolutely add a sense of color in home decor. 

Where to start? Check out my favorite 9 Easy Houseplants to Buy on Amazon.


Try One Color, Different Shades

My last way of adding color to a room is to choose a single color and then layer it in different shades. 

For many years, folks were committed to one color, like “sage green,” and then every.single.thing had to be that exact shade of sage green. Then, well, the room started to feel like a Ramada Inn. See why it’s time to ditch matchy matchy with this and other outdated decor trends.

Instead, find a color you love and then choose varying shades of that color.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on how to intentionally add color in home decor to keep your space feeling authentic and comfortable.

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