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8 Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers Under $50

Shopping for a plant enthusiast in your life and need some quick gift ideas? I’ve got you covered with this guide of gifts for plant lovers! Plant related items are one of my favorite gifts as they feel both practical and hopeful. Here are some of the best to mix and match and are all under $50 so these could stand alone or play together for a nice gift set. Also, I included items that I’ve either tried or are actually on my very own wish list!

gifts for plant lovers

Gifts for Plant Lovers

  1. Leaf Supply – A definitive guide on caring for houseplants
  2. Plant Mister – Modern necessity for every plant lover
  3. Propagation Station – Handmade wall vase to propagate plants
  4. Wall Mounted Trellis – Clever and beautiful solution for trailing plants
  5. Waxed Canvas Plant Basket – Indoor Planter
  6. Wild Creations by Hilton Carter – A plant styling and care guide by one of the best!
  7. Leaf Supply Deck of Plants – Cards with care tips and information for popular houseplants
  8. Indoor Watering Can – Modern and sleek watering can for indoor plants
wall mounted wall trellis
Set of 3 Monstera Wall Mounted Trellis – these would be a lovely way to make good use of a narrow, tall wall with a trailing plant and would be a great gift paired with plant care book!

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hanging propagation station
Handmade Hanging Propagation Station – who doesn’t love making baby plants?! (Use my pothos plant propagation guide for easy cuttings)

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waxed canvas plant baskets
These handmade Waxed Canvas Plant Baskets would make a lovely gift, especially paired with a mister or watering can!