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One Room Challenge Living Room Reveal

Well, here it is folks, the final week of the One Room Challenge and my Living Room Reveal. For me, this ended up being more about the process rather than the end result. It was a long, complicated journey with several bumps in the road like being ill and isolated for a week. There were shipping delays and plans that fell through. But, ultimately, I’m proud for pushing through and improving this space in our home.

living room refresh with new rug, couch, painted piano, and neutral decor
Living Room Progress

Living Room Refresh- What I Accomplished:

bookshelf styling with neutral decor
Ladder Shelf to add some height and dimension to the space
neutral living room decor
My favorite view!

What Did Not Get Completed:

  • Fireplace: I had grand visions of replacing the mantle or adding a feature wall but after careful consideration, we decided against it at this time
fireplace styling with artwork, vases, and sconces
Art Prints from Juniper Print Shop

Functional Coffee Table with Storage: Previously, we had a large trunk that stored our board games. While I loved it, the hinges made it difficult to use. I searched high and low for one I liked that was both functional and pretty.

Ultimately, I moved one from our family room in here so we can at least use the top for games but I’m considering some of these Round Wood Coffee Tables

living room window corner styled with pillows and plants
Cozy Reading Nook
  • Chairs: Admittedly, I did not have much of a plan here. Because the chairs were dependent on the sofa and that took me weeks to decide on, the chairs became something to cross off the list…. for now.
  • I ended up pulling in two vintage chairs from our beach house that I love, though they aren’t super functional here. I’ve got my eye on some of these 9 Low Profile Accent Chairs I rounded up though!
one room challenge home design
  • Shades: I hoped to incorporate the same woven blinds I use in our other rooms (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) but did not plan for the shipping delay due to Covid. These beauties will arrive soon, just not in time for the big reveal.
article alcott sofa and lumbar pillows
Black Grid Lumbar Pillow from Homies

Living Room Reveal Sources

I started the process with a Living Room Design Board which helped guide my direction. Here are many of the lovely items, I chose!

living room refresh with new rug, gray couch, and neutral decor
Article Alcott Sofa

More: How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Thank you for cheering me on and joining me on this adventure! Check out all the other One Room Challenge reveals by visiting the ORC blog! 


    1. Allisa Jacobs says:

      Lizzie- Thank you so much! It’s a work in progress and I’m glad it now feels like home!

  1. Jenna Pilant of Room Bloom Design says:

    Congratulations the space looks amazing 😉

    1. Allisa Jacobs says:

      Thank you so much Jenna! I appreciate your kind words & encouragement!

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