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Best Amazon Christmas Decorations 2023

When it comes to holiday decorating, I like to keep things minimal but add intentional, pretty touches around the house. By choosing neutral decorations, they’re easy to add to existing decor and enjoy year after year. Luckily, it’s becoming easier to find a great selection of modern, neutral decor. Here, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds of Amazon Christmas decorations for 2023.

modern and neutral amazon christmas decor

Amazon Christmas Decorations

  1. Neutral Knit Christmas Stockings – I love the texture these add to a room!
  2. Vintage Inspired Hanging Brass Bells – Use brass bells in so many places, including using them in my Modern Christmas Wreath
  3. Black or Kraft Paper Star Ornaments – these would be lovely on the tree or hanging from arches and windows
  4. Ceramic and Wood Tree Decorations – I own similar trees and use them on shelves for holiday shelf styling
  5. Tartan Plaid Throw Blanket – this green black is available in a variety of colors – the subdued color is perfect for using throughout winter
  6. Modern Black and White Christmas Tree Throw Pillows – I have these holiday cushions and style them outside on my porch bench
  7. Faux Eucalyptus Garland – While I’m a big fan of natural cedar, this pretty garland makes it easy to add a touch of greenery while also being safe for animals
  8. Homesick Winter Candle – I keep candles like these on hand for quick holiday gifts
  9. Woven Tree Collar – this basket tree skirt is a lovely alternative to traditional Christmas tree skirts

I especially love including black Christmas decor since it adds contrast and mood. Nearly every year I use black gift wrapping. It’s one of my favorite ways to make gift wrapping simple, modern, and neutral.

ceramic and wood christmas trees

These little wood and ceramic trees might be one of the cutest Christmas decorations on Amazon Prime!

Over the years, I’ve found that using simple, neutral decorations means they become pieces I am excited to style with each Christmas. There’s less items to store or drag about and try to figure out where to put it all.

In general, sticking with dark green, black, white, and neutral elements is my favorite way to decorate for Christmas!

bottle brush christmas trees | amazon finds

Hopefully this curated list of Amazon Christmas decorations makes it feel easy and affordable to add more modern and neutral decorations into your holiday styling! If you’re looking for other holiday gift ideas, check out my Home Gift Ideas for easy, minimal gift giving ideas!

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