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3 Tips for Styling a Multipurpose Room

It’s been over a year since I moved into this cozy 1930’s home and I’m still settling in (eeks, I know!). While this house has a healthy dose of charm, it also comes with several a few challenges as well. From smaller spaces and a funky floor plan, this house has given me work for sure! To address some of these issues, I’ve found that creating versatile spaces, like my bedroom office corner nook, makes everything feel homier and is the best use of our space. Recently, I teamed up with the lovely folks at All Modern to tackle a spare room in my house and am sharing my tips for styling a multipurpose room! 

styling a multipurpose room for functionality and design

This sponsored post is really coming at a great time because I was just thinking about how I could share with you about how to style unique spaces.

Since moving in, this extra room has served several purposes – though none of them very well. It’s been a laundry room (there’s water hook up), my office, a last minute landing spot for a blow up mattress when guests visited, and of course the catch all for all the random items that never found their place. 

styled black storage cabinet

So, my goal for this room was to continue letting it be a multipurpose room but one with much more definition and function. I enjoy incorporating pieces from All Modern in my home (there are several!) because they align with my modern & minimal outlook plus feel like items I’ll keep for many years. 

multi purpose room styling
  1. Handmade Woven Rug
  2. Black Storage Cabinet
  3. Grooved Ceramic Vase
  4. Modern Round Vase
  5. Ceramic Planter Pot
  6. Large Rattan Basket
  7. Striped Throw Pillow
  8. Textured Wool Blend Pillow
  9. Patchwork Pillow
  10. Modern Plant Stand
  11. Black Storage Bench
  12. Set of Baskets

Styling a Multipurpose Room

For this smallish square room, I needed it to serve several purposes. Right now, I need it to be a place I can work, a space for creativity (such as painting or puzzles with my son), and also store items in a much more inspiring way than the plastic tubs shoved in the closet. 

While it’s a work in progress, this room also needs to be able to welcome the occasional guest. 

black storage cabinet

1. Add Storage

I think the trick for a functional multipurpose room is finding key storage elements that can also transition.  I incorporated this large storage cabinet which anchors the room and also beautifully hides away my styling pieces – and will also hold our puzzles. 

styled cabinet with artwork, books, and vase for multipurpose room styling

2. Include Botanical Elements

You know I need a good plant in any room but these tricky spaces usually benefit even more from a living, dynamic element as they provide more dimension. I used a combination of living plants and dried stems to add more feeling to what could otherwise feel as a static space.

textured rug and woven baskets home decor

3. Add Textured Details

Making this room feel cozy seemed really important both as an inspiring place to work but also as a space that could welcome guests. I opted for a textured rug that provided that instant bit of warmth and will also continue adding other elements like blankets & pillows. 

Looking for more rugs? Check out my Tried & True Neutral Rugs or Geometric Area Rugs posts.

There’s still a bit more work in this room (like window coverings, additional furniture, and possibly wall paint) but I love the direction it’s headed! It feels much more calm and focused – exactly what I need in my life 🙂 

If you need help getting started in your space, check out my post, How to Decorate Your Room from Start to Finish for a step by step approach!

I chose many of these pieces for our extra slash guest room slash office area but they would work well for living room decor as well. And, I have even more All Modern finds if you’re looking for neutral living room decor ideas!


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