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DIY Framed Fabric Wall Art

You know when it comes to DIY, I love quick and easy. Using up leftover supplies? Even better. Make it a multi-functional piece and count me into this game. This DIY framed fabric wall art checks all those boxes and then some. It’s super simple, takes just a few minutes, and better yet – doesn’t look too crafty. Over the weekend I whipped up this little beauty and am already planning another.

easy DIY framed fabric wall art

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DIY framed fabric tray for easy home decor

I found this frame at Home Goods awhile ago and though I love it, I never found the right place for it. It has nice deep sides, which make it perfect for a tray. After making pillows for the beach house rental, there were a lot of beautiful shibori and decorator fabric remnants left over.

This easy DIY framed fabric tray put them both to good use! I’m using it here in our bedroom reading nook as a tray.

framed fabric tray

DIY Framed Fabric Wall Art

  • Sturdy, deep inset frame – I used an 8 x 10″ similar to this one but would’ve made a larger one if I had
  • Fabric Remnant slightly larger than frame size, a thicker decorator weight seems to work best. I used this Ecru Shibori but this Indigo Shibori or this Black Mudcloth would look pretty with a rustic wood frame.
  • Scissors & Pencil & Iron
DIY framed fabric tray for home decor

Framed Fabric Steps

Ok, this is so easy, you probably don’t even need me here. But! I do have a few tips:

  1. Iron Fabric – Wrinkles just won’t give you the desired effect. For tough wrinkles, try steam (check fabric suggestions first) or check out a fabric wrinkle release spray
  2. Cut Fabric – Use the paper or cardboard insert within the frame to measure and trace your fabric. Or, if you’re extra fancy, use a rotary cutter and mat.
  3. Insert Fabric into Frame – Yay! New Artwork!

I love a good DIY home project that’s both easy and functional. If you’re looking for more of these, check out my Leather Pull Tutorial and my DIY Budget Bathroom Makeover.

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