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Living Room Makeover – One Room Challenge Week 1

Guys, I did it! I really did it. After much deliberation and then a final “what have I got to lose” moment of inspiration, I signed up for the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge hosted by Better Rooms and Gardens! For years, I’ve admired and been inspired by everyone who committed to updating a space for this challenge. This year, I decided to give it a go and am planning a living room makeover!

one room challenge living room makeover mood board

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If you haven’t heard of the One Room Challenge, you’re in for some fun! It is a biannual design event for featured designers and guests to make over a room in six weeks.

living room reading nook

True to myself, I’m a little late (oops!) and am in the early planning stage. When we moved into this house last year and began remodeling right away, I’ve had a bit of a love hate relation ship with this space.

First, the windows. I love them, even with their awkward placement.

black and white painted tile fireplace update

This fireplace is my biggest area of dismay. It has come a long way (check out it’s peach and oak past in my fireplace makeover post). But, it’s still just not me.

The entire space is nice and light and pretty big but nothing seems to really fit. When we moved, I sort of just plopped the furniture down and haven’t done much else.

My Living Room Makeover Plan:

  1. Try to create a wood mantle cover. Try is the keyword here. I’ve got the power tools. Let’s see if I can make this happen!
  2. Maybe, just maybe, add an accent wall above the fireplace.
  3. Add some dimension to this boxy space with shelves.
  4. Because this is the *only* wall where the piano can fit, design around it with artwork.
  5. Reconfigure the seating for a cozier space (finally find a couch?!)
  6. Sand the coffee table for a more natural look
  7. Add more contrast with texture, shapes, and wood to feel more like home
  8. Style all these plants so they feel like part of the space!
cozy living room mood board

I always start off a room with a mood board. Nothing is official but here are some pieces I’ve found for inspiration!

One Room Challenge Mood Board Sources

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  1. Christine says:

    What kind of hardwood floor is in this picture? Love it!

  2. Allisa Jacobs says:

    Hi Christine, Our hardwood floors are solid white oak with a water based finish. We installed them last year and love them!
    Best, Allisa