3 Reasons I Painted Kitchen Cabinets vs New

Ok, you guys – the kitchen transformation is more than half complete! After installing a new sink and countertops, the kitchen cabinets have been updated and painted! I cannot express just how much I’m loving this dark paint, which probably surprises no one as I’m a card carrying member of the black paint club. My kitchen is a cozy little space and had those dark orangey oak cabinets that just scream, “paint me!” It’s a big undertaking and I debated a lot of options. If you’re considering updating your cabinets, check out all the reasons I opted for painted kitchen cabinets and the elements that are actually new.

painted kitchen cabinets
freshly painted cabinet bases and a new doors

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Why I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets vs. New

1. Existing Solid Wood Cabinets

Ok, I could not stand the orange stained oak cabinets, but they were solid wood and in really good shape. The bases themselves were really sturdy with the best drawer and cabinet placement for this little space so I decided to keep them.

I debated on painting the cabinet doors also. But, after much back and forth decided to invest in new wood doors that would also be painted. This was a middle of the road approach. It landed somewhere between just painting the existing and investing in all new complete cabinets.

2. Older Homes Can Be Tricky To Remodel

Older homes, like my 1930’s bungalow, can have a lot of charm and good materials, like the solid wood cabinets, but remodeling them can lead to even bigger projects. Given the age of this home, I decided that opening up this space could lead bigger issues (flooring, repair walls, etc.) that I wasn’t prepared to take on!

black painted kitchen cabinets

3. Keeping the Same Cabinet Footprint

Some kitchen remodels include extending cabinet base or changing the overall layout which makes new all new cabinets necessary. Because the overall (teeny tiny) layout of my kitchen was staying the same.

black kitchen cabinets

Painted Cabinet Details:

Kitchen Update To-Do List

  1. Demolish the current tiled counter tops & back splash
  2. Remove some of the upper cabinets
  3. Replace counter tops with Silestone Consentino in Et Statuario in Suede finish 
  4. Replace sink with Blanco Silgranit in Cinder (this will be my second Blanco sink, I just love them!)
  5. Paint cabinet bases and replace cabinet doors & drawer fronts (I’m using Iron Ore)
  6. Update kitchen stove with Kitchen Aid Gas Stove
  7. Add cabinet hardware: matte black knobs and rectangular drawer pulls
  8. Install tile back splash and entire wall (I haven’t decided yet, but this previous backsplash tile post has some good white tile options!
  9. Make oak shelves for floating shelving with Black Brackets (p.s. this is my brother’s bracket business and I work with him there!
  10. Replace light above sink with cute pendant light – I’m undecided but this one is a good option! 
  11. Style with plants and new artwork

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