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Painted Kitchen Cabinets vs. New

Ok, you guys – the kitchen transformation is more than half complete! After installing a new sink and countertops, the kitchen cabinets have been updated and painted! I cannot express just how much I’m loving this dark paint, which probably surprises no one as I’m a card carrying member of the black paint club. My kitchen is a cozy little space and had those dark orangey oak cabinets that just scream, “paint me!” It’s a big undertaking and I debated a lot of options. If you’re considering updating your cabinets, check out all the reasons I opted for painted kitchen cabinets and the elements that are actually new.

painted kitchen cabinets
freshly painted cabinet bases and a new doors

Painted Cabinet Details:

Should I Paint Kitchen Cabinets or Get New Ones?

You might’ve asked yourself this same question! I could not stand the orange stained oak cabinets, but they were solid wood and in really good shape. I debated this for awhile, wondering whether I should paint them or invest in all new cabinets.

Ultimately, I decided on a middle of the road approach. I would have the bases painted and invest in new door fronts. It landed somewhere between just painting the existing and investing in all new complete cabinets.

Since the cabinet bases themselves were really sturdy but the doors were pretty outdated, this seemed like the most cost effective approach! This is one of my 6 Ways to Save Money on Home Improvements, check out for more tips.

Tip: Explore All Options

For a project this big, I suggest checking out all the options! Get quotes for everything from hiring painters to new kitchen cabinets. Even price out the project if you did it yourself. Having all those numbers and seeing all the work involved can give reassurance about which option you choose.

Older homes, like my 1930’s bungalow, can have a lot of charm and good materials, like the solid wood cabinets, but remodeling them can lead to even bigger projects.

Given the age of this home, I decided that opening up this space could lead bigger issues (flooring, repair walls, etc.) that I wasn’t prepared to take on – so painting was the best option!

What Kind of Paint to Use on Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets need an enamel paint for durability and that overall smooth, hard finish. Using a spraying is recommended for that overall consistent coat.

I’ve painted cabinets on my own before and was never completely satisfied with the results. There was the wood grain and all the little cabinet details to deal with.


It is possible to buy cabinet enamel at the paint store. However, I decided to hire professional painters and am so glad I did.

They were able to prep the entire space, paint the interiors cabinets, and achieve a very smooth and sophisticated look that I never could have completed on my own.

black painted kitchen cabinets
black kitchen cabinets

FULL Kitchen Remodel Update:

Want to see the entire kitchen makeover? Check out my Small Kitchen Remodel to check out the finished space and list of sources!

If you’re on the fence about whether to paint your kitchen cabinets, I hope this helps with all the options!