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Minimalist Kitchen Hardware Ideas

Well, folks, true to almost every home project, this one has hit a bit of a delay! Between supply issues and backed up schedules, my kitchen remodel is taking a bit longer than expected. However, the end is in sight with the tile going up today and the remaining hardware getting installed soon. I’m hoping to have it all completed in the next week so stay tuned for the final reveal! In the meantime, here’s an up close look at some of my kitchen hardware ideas, from cabinets to lights to shelf brackets – I’ve kept it minimal and black!

matte black cabinet hardware

Minimalist interior design style embraces clean lines and finding beauty in simplicity. I’m embracing those minimal vibes here in the kitchen to create a more streamlined, uncluttered look.

Kitchen Hardware Ideas:

black hardware on black kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Hardware

I love the look of dark on dark so I went with these Matte Black Round Knobs and will be using similar Matte Black Drawer Pulls on the Iron Ore Cabinets! I think it creates a really modern look and fits well with this neutral kitchen remodel.

Many of these pulls are available on Amazon, where I find a lot of my kitchen items, check out my list of favorite Amazon kitchen items. The matte black finish looks great with my Favorite Black Kitchen Sink.

black cabinet hardware

I installed the hardware on my own and used this fantastic hardware placement guide from Emily Henderson which made it really easy (well, easier!)

Shelf Bracket Hardware

shelf bracket hardware
image credit: the jenna ogle

As you might remember, I used these black floating style brackets (in the wider version) in my last kitchen and they were one of the favorite parts of my house! Check out my shelving tutorial to see how I made them.

I’ll be using them again to make shelves and cannot wait to do the styling!

(full disclosure, these brackets are made by my brother’s business Cascade Iron Co., where I also work, helping him with photos and marketing!)

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